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Treat mum with mother nature’s perfect gift on May 9

Spoil mum in the most delicious way this Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed, brunch, afternoon tea or dessert made with Australian almonds and support local growers and producers in the process.

What do mums and almonds have in common?

Almond Board of Australia says they’re both renowned for their goodness and versatility and deserve praise. Almond products can be used in a wide variety of savoury and sweet dishes and baked treats, including decadent macarons whose ‘secret’ ingredient is almond meal which helps create a perfectly smooth, fine texture.

The health benefits of almonds are also widely reported – they’re a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants and healthy unsaturated fats. Almond meal and milk is also naturally gluten free. Almond Board of Australia Market Development Manager Joseph Ebbage explained that May coincides with the end of the almond harvest season and this year has seen a growing yield – predicted to be around 120,000 tonnes, approximately 8% higher than 2020.

“Our good crop stemed from a very productive pollination season last August, when we (the industry) were able to work with multiple State Governments during the COVID travel restrictions to ensure beekeepers could continue transporting hives to our orchards, particularly those needing to restore their hives after the devastating 2019–20 bushfires,” he said. “These tiny hardworking insects (bees) are hugely important to efficient pollination and almond production. “Over the summer, we have also enjoyed ideal growing conditions and the result is kernels of excellent quality and size.

“Most people won’t be familiar with the seasonal cycle of almond trees and how modern almond harvesting happens, but it’s quite a stunning visual spectacle. “During July and August, Australia’s almond orchard trees transform from their cold weather dormancy into rows of beautiful blossoms in readiness for the bees to cross- pollinate the flowers and set the hull and kernel growth in motion (during spring and summer). “Between late February and April, a ‘shaker’ machine that has two extendable arms clamps the trunk of the tree and delivers a short vibration through the branches to detach the nuts from the stems.

”The Almond Board Australia is urging shoppers to seek out Australian almond products, including almond flour and almond milk, to support local growers and manufacturers. The annual almond harvest period is an important source of employment and economic activity in the country’s growing regions in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Approximately 1,700 jobs are provided to seasonal labour. Australia is the second largest producer of almonds (representing 7% of the world’s production), behind California (USA) which accounts for 80% of global production. The 2021 Australian crop will be sold to more than 50 countries, but domestic sales represent the largest market.

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