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Keeping hearts healthy this Valentine’s Day

Keeping hearts healthy this Valentine's Day!

27 January 2023

This Valentine’s Day, we’re helping Aussies to keep their hearts healthy by treating city professionals in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with complementary samples of Australian Almonds packaged in a convenient reusable metal heart-shaped tin.

From 8am to 12noon on Tuesday 14th February, the Australian Almonds teams will be handing out limited free samples from easy to find locations including:

  • Southern Promenade between Wharves 4 and 5, Circular Quay, Sydney
  • Main concourse, Flinders St, Melbourne
  • Next to Wintergarden entrance and Coach, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

Almonds are rich in healthy monounsatured fats, which help protect the heart, as well as protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Our heart shaped tins are a convenient, reusable option to pack your recommended 30 grams of almonds per day to support a healthy heart while you’re on the go.

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