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How to enjoy almonds everyday

Don't eat nuts due to dentition issues or taste? Our tips ensure you don't miss out on the nutritional value of Australian almonds.

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20 September 2020
Simone Austin is an advanced
sports dietitian, keynote
speaker and author.

While many of us enjoy a healthy handful of almonds for a snack every day, others can’t or don’t. Many times, over the years I have had clients tell me they don’t eat nuts because they can’t chew them due to poor dentition. Other people might just not like the taste. Both these groups of people are missing out on the fantastic nutritional value of Australian almonds. To overcome this challenge and help everyone find ways to include almonds in their diet I have plenty of tasty manageable ways to share.

  1. Soup- add almond meal for extra protein and healthy fats to a nourishing bowl of soup. It is a great way to use up extra almond meal that you bought to put in a scrumptious cake.  Try adding a little to your cauliflower or potato soup. It is a great way for those needing some extra protein, healthy fat and vitamins and minerals in their diet. For those with small appetites such as the elderly or children what a great way to make soup more nutrient dense.
  2. Smoothie- add almond milk, whole or slivered almonds or almond meal to your smoothie. This is a perfect way for those who may not like to eat almonds whole, or who have difficulty chewing or swallowing them. By blending the almonds up with the fruit, yoghurt or vegetables that you add to the smoothie you wont even know they are there.
  3. Frittata- Vegetables slices and frittatas are a great way to include a whole range of vegetables such as leafy greens, grated zucchini and why not increase the dietary fibre, zinc and protein by adding in some almond meal? We often forget to use almond meal in savoury dishes.
  4. Instead of bread crumbs- why not swap out some of the breadcrumbs and replace half or more with almond meal? In hamburgers, as coating on schnitzel, topping on crusted salmon and on top of oven bakes. Why not coat your chicken fillets with sliced almonds for great crunch?
  5. Muesli- mixing in some slivered almonds or almond meal to muesli or even porridge adds great flavour and healthy fats to balance breakfast that often is a meal low in healthy fats. The healthy fats can help reduce the glycaemic index of the meal, beneficial considering breakfast can often be a fairly high carbohydrate meal.
  6. Add to salads- whether it be whole or slivered almonds these add great crunch to salads. If chewing is an issue then sprinkle in a little almond meal.
  7. Mixed into dips- making a beetroot or hummus dip? Add in some crushed nuts if you like the crunchy texture of use almond meal if you like it smoother. This makes a great afternoon snack with cut up vegetables or crackers or a spread on bread.
  8. Pesto- add in plenty of almonds into your pesto to use on bread, in pasta, marinade your chicken in or as a side to a main dish. You can crush the almonds fine or leave them in slivers.
  9. Patties- whether you are making lentil burgers or meat patties adding in crushed almonds or almond meal will add taste, texture and nutrients. Try adding in almonds with sweet potato and/or red lentil patties. Adding almonds and reducing the meat a little is a good way to increase your plant food quantity in your diet whilst still enjoying your meat.
  10. Chocolate and almond coated strawberries- For dessert dip strawberries in some dark chocolate and roll them in almond meal. The variety of textures and flavours make these the perfect finish to a meal.

With all of these tasty ways to enjoy almonds means none will go to waste. No more half packets of slivered almonds left for Christmas cooking or left over almond meal made to make the birthday cake in the pantry. Knowing how to include almonds in so many ways means the whole family can enjoy the goodness Australian Almonds have to offer everyday!

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