Almond Blossom Tour 4000

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If the Tour de France this year has caught your attention and you’re eager to get on your bike and enjoy some fitness, Australian Almonds have the perfect activity for you! 

To celebrate the natural goodness of Australian almond orchards in bloom we bring to you the Almond Blossom Tour 4000. Blossom season in Australian almond orchards is quite spectacular, and it is important to recognise the vital role bees play in the pollination of almond trees. Furthermore, it is important the industry communicates our bee-friendly farming practices that are implemented during almond pollination and throughout the year.

How to get involved

Australian Almonds would love as many people as possible to participate in this tour. Please see below some steps in how you can be involved. We will be rewarding participation in this event, so keep an eye out for more details. This event will start on 2 August 2021 and finish on the 27 August.

Step 1:

Sign up to Strava and follow our club page through this link:

We will then invite you to the Almond Blossom Tour challenge once the event has launched.

Step 2:

Follow Australian Almonds on Instagram and Facebook. Share your photos of the almond orchards on your ride and tag @australianalmonds using the hashtag #almondblossom4000.



Step 3:

Join our Almond Blossom Tour Facebook group and share your photos.

Step 4:


We look forward to joining you on this exciting adventure and we look forward to seeing some amazing orchard photos.