Delicious Australian Almonds are nature's energy snack for people on the go.

At around $1 for a satisfying handful, they're hard to beat when it comes to value.

A healthy 23 almonds a day is the ideal serve.

on these popular snacks

When it comes to health benefits, the numbers really add up. High in protein, energy and healthy fats, Vitamin E and Magnesium, almonds have a range of health benefits you don't simply get from other snack foods.

Dry Roasted Almonds

30g serving size

Potato Chips

30g serving size

Buttered Popcorn

30g serving size

Choc Chip Cookie

30g serving size

Cinnamon Donut

1 serve
3.6g Protein 1.8g 2.7g 1.6g 2.0g
1.1g Saturated Fats 2.4g 3.8g 3.0g 5.8g
773kJ Energy 684kJ 634kJ 604kJ 1023kJ
1.2g Sugars 0.27g 0.18g 8.4g 8.9g
1.5mg Sodium 184mg 194mg 140mg 316mg
Source: Food Standards Australia New Zealand, 2011-13 food nutrient database (3392, 4803, 4796, 1103).