The Guide to Australian Almonds

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Australian Almonds
Blossom in August  ~  Harvest in February  ~  Available fresh in March

There are a number of varieties of almond grown and sold in Australia. And they don’t all taste the same!

Australian Nonpareil almonds have the ‘classic’ flavour and shape loved all over the world.

Australian Carmel almonds have a more intense almond flavour.

Australian Price almonds taste sweet & buttery, great as a snack and as an ingredient.


Oven or Dry Roasted Almonds

Oven-roasting reduces the moisture content of almonds, without effecting their natural sugar content. The result is a super-crunchy almond that has a burst of sweetness, without losing any of the nutritional benefits of natural almonds.

Australian almond grades

Australian almonds are graded as: Fancy, Extra Supreme, Supreme, and Manufacturing

Almond sizes

Our almond sizes are consistent with international standards. ie: Number of almonds per ounce.


Forms of Australian Almonds

Australian almonds are available in a range of blanched forms as well as in kernel and in-shell.



Future production increases will occur as young plantings reach full maturity, bringing productive capacity to approximately 84,000 tonnes by 2017.


Approximately 50 countries now buy Australian almonds, with India being Australia’s largest overseas market, twice the size of the next largest market, the United Arab Emirates. Almonds have long been an integral part of India’s cultural heritage, especially during festive periods and weddings. The Indian market has a preference for inshell product, which is then hand cracked. Australian product provides an excellent crackout ratio (kernel to inshell weight) and some Indian buyers have expressed a liking for the Australian kernel shape.
The almond industry is growing very rapidly in terms of production and value. The rapid growth in plantings and production has meant the supply of Australian almonds now far exceeds domestic demand.


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